The world has ushered in the 4th Industrial revolution and moving forward; the use of technology will become prevalent in everything about our lives.

It is high time that we all appreciate the power to technology and ICTs as foundations upon which our lives will depend for the foreseeable future. Technology is carefully integrated into everything in our daily lives, and it is the future of Education, Healthcare, Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Efficient Governance.    

The blockchain technology demands attention despite the global blockchain ecosystem grappling with inconsistent usage and definitions of terminology. It is believed that this technology will provide revolutionary business performance in areas of economic transactions, recording contracts, payments, property rights and other value transfers and will allow transactions to have public “witnesses,” thereby making a cyberattack more difficult.

I believe that Uganda is going through a test and learning experience with Blockchain. At the global scene, there has been significant resources dedicated to the technology in some countries. However, no single state can claim leadership in the Blockchain ecosystem at this point.

As such, Uganda remains on the starting blocks with the rest of the world and therefore has an opportunity to leapfrog or position itself as a regional and global leader in the Blockchain powered Industrial Revolution.

It is, therefore, a pleasure to interact with graduates of this technology because in them I foresee what Silicon Valley and India did to the rest of the world in the late 1990 during the internet revolution.


There is no doubt that Uganda is eager to adopt Blockchain technology. This is well illustrated by H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda public commitment to the technology at Africa’s first Blockchain conference held in Uganda. 

As a regulator of communication platforms, we are interested in the developments and adoption of Blockchain technologies because it is fuelled to a large extent by the continued global advances in the reach and scale of the internet, communication platforms and associated hardware and these are a crucial responsibility of the Commission.   

It appears that Blockchain technology is positioning itself as a cornerstone of other 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) fields like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and data centres.

As a country, we need policy leadership in ICT and 4IR technologies if we are to gain from the much-acclaimed benefits of Blockchain technology. I am glad that parent ministry is enthusiastic about the prospects of this technology and therefore committing the ICT sector’s support for the same.

On the part of the Commission, we will continue to deliberate and educate on the new technology. We are open to engagements and partnerships with local industry associations like the Blockchain association of Uganda and exchanges like Crypto Savannah. We believe such engagements should be helpful in crafting of a unique Blockchain curriculum at the UICT.

The Commission is happy to be a member to the proposed National Round Table on Blockchain led by the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.

It is important to note that this technology is built on already regulated platforms within the communication sector. Authorised access to communication platforms, non-discrimination provisions and data protection among other regulations are already in place to provide an enabling environment for the successful formation of Blockchains. 

Continuous education on this critical technology, however, is required to ensure that the Commission is fully versed with the knowledge of its development and use cases to ensure that regulatory oversight is in place timely.

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