UCC Spearheading growth of Uganda’s ICT sector

The Uganda Communications Commission (the Commission) was established to implement the provisions of the Uganda Communications Act of 2013 with a principal goal of providing for the development of a modern communications sub-sector and Infrastructure in Uganda, in conformity with the operationalisation of the Communications Policy.

The Commission’s mandate is to undertake a range of functions in the areas of licensing and standards, spectrum management, tariff regulation, research and development, consumer empowerment, policy advice and implementation, rural communications development and capacity building.

The Commission is a regulator, facilitator, enabler and promoter of coordinated and sustainable growth and development of Uganda’s communications sector. Based on the Commission’s implementation of its legal and policy framework, Uganda’s communications sector has grown at a fast rate. The country’s ICT sector ranks among the fastest growing and best managed in Africa.

Over the years, the sector’s contribution to the national economy has increased significantly. The development of communications products and services has yielded tangible benefits to citizens.  

The ICT Sector Tax contribution to revenue for 2018.
A total of UGX 394 billion was realised as tax revenue in Q4 compared to 357 billion realised in the previous quarter Q3 signifying a 10.4% growth in ICT tax contributions to Revenue. The highest contribution (43.8%) was realised from Levy on Excise Duty, followed by VAT (34.5%) and PAYE contributed 21.7%.

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