The Uganda Communication Commission (the Commission) was established under section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act, 2013(the Act) as the regulator of the communications sector in Uganda with the mandate to, among others, monitor, inspect, licence, supervise, control, promote and safeguard interests of consumers and providers of communications services in Uganda.

Ubuntu Towers Uganda Limited (UBUNTU) was granted a National Public Infrastructure Provider (NPIP) license by the Commission on 11th May 2021 to provide infrastructure services in Uganda. The NPIP license is for a period of fifteen (15) years.

In accordance with section 42 (2) of the Act, UBUNTU applied to the Commission for consent to transfer its majority shares to Tower Corporation of Africa (Tower Co Africa), a private company incorporated in Port Louis, Mauritius. Tower Co Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axian Telecom of Mauritius.

If approved, the proposed transactions will result in Tower Co Africaacquiring 90% shares in UBUNTU, which, in terms of section 42(5) of the Act, amounts to a transfer of a license.

In accordance with section 38(2)(d) of the Uganda Communication Act 2013 and Regulation 93(1) of Uganda Communications (Licensing) Regulation 2019, the Commission is required to consider the public interest before determining whether or not to grant approval for transfer of a license.

Therefore, the general public is requested to provide written comments and/or objections, if any, regarding the aforesaid application.

Written comments and/or objections should be sent to the address below within fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice.

DATED 16th of July 2021.

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