01st SEPTEMBER 2021

Manoj is the Managing Director of Airtel Uganda. Prior to this, he has had over 20 years of work experience in the Telecom industry and served in different capacities across India, Sri Lanka, Seychelles and the Channel Islands.

Mr Manoj Murali the Managing Director of Airtel Uganda

Here Manoj spares a moment to answer some consumer questions…

Many consumers have concerns about transparency about cost and consumption rates of data; what is Airtel doing to address this?

At Airtel Uganda, we provide the details of the cost and the volume dispensed to a customer at the time of purchasing. In addition, all data consumption is measured and tabulated through standard practices.

However, we do advise customers to take the following additional measures to manage their data consumption:

  • Disable apps that run in the background unnecessarily when you are not using them
  • Set a data limit to monitor your data usage
  • Disable Auto sync of apps
  • Turn off Auto-update for apps
  • Set your phone to stop retrieving mail automatically
  • Disable data when doing international roaming
  • Check the quality of the videos while you are streaming. You can reduce the quality to consume less data  

How does Airtel Uganda protect its customers from Fraud?

Our objective is to ensure the safest and most secure platform. This includes conducting customer sensitization and fraud awareness.

We encourage customers to take the following steps through sensitization campaigns in the media and on our communication platforms.

  • Protect their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and One-time Passwords (OTP) and not share them with anyone.
  • Report loss or theft of a phone or SIM card to the Police and contact us on 100 to have the SIM card blocked immediately.
  • Ensure SIM cards are registered in your names, and never allow a SIM card registered in your names to be used by someone else.
  • Dial *197# to check the SIM Cards registered in your name. 

In case of theft or loss, what is the process for replacing my SIM card?

First, to replace your lost SIM card, you need to notify the Police and get a Police report. Then visit an Airtel Uganda service centre with the Police letter and your National ID for Ugandans or Passport/Refugee Card for foreigners. You will then have to submit your biometrics to get a replacement card. 

This replacement card will become active within 30 minutes for voice and data services and 24-48 hours for mobile money.

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