Uganda Communications Commission (the Commission) was established by the Uganda Communications Act of 2013 as the regulator of the Communications sector which includes telecommunications, broadcasting, radio-communications, postal communications, data communication and infrastructure.  The Act mandates the Commission to, among others, allocate, license, standardize and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum resources in a manner that ensures optimal utilization of spectrum resources.

In the quest to improve access to radio broadcasting services across Uganda, the Commission invites applications for spectrum reservation towards the grant of a broadcasting licence and radio frequency spectrum authorization for an FM broadcasting station in the areas below.  Please note that the successful applications in each area shall be selected through a competitive process.


To be considered in this process, an applicant must:

(i) Be eligible for FM broadcasting license under Section 38 and Regulation 16 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 and Uganda Communications (Licensing) Regulation 2019 respectively.

(ii) Not have FM radio frequency spectrum authorization or reservation in the specified geographical areas.

Entry requirements

  • A person interested in operating an FM radio broadcasting station in any of the specified areas shall submit a formal expression of interest addressed to the Executive Director, Uganda Communications Commission. We recommend that this is done after reading the  “Guidelines on establishment and operation of FM broadcasting stations in Uganda 2019” which is accessible at
  • The expression of interest shall demonstrate how the proposed radio station shall address the specific needs of the population in the targeted area and be a tool for the realization of the social development agenda for that area.  The submission shall include the planned type of content (e.g. entertainment, news, education, religious, etc.), and geographical coordinates of the planned location of the broadcaster transmitter.
  • A reservation shall be made for successful applicants with a condition to apply for and obtain a license to broadcast and radio frequency spectrum authorisation within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the reservation.


All entries must be made to the Commission by close of business on 6th October 2021 either electronically to, or physically at any of our branch offices around the country, and via post to P. O. Box 7376, Kampala.

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