Consumers have the right to complain about quality, delay, quantity and tariffs.
Pretty much about anything


Consumers of all communication services – telecommunications, broadcasting, data communications and postal services – who are dissatisfied with services rendered to them by any of the operators have a right and unfettered freedom to redress the situation through lodging of complaints to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

What is the first thing a dissatisfied consumer of communication services do, in order to get their problem solved?

Consumers should first of all, contact and obtain a complaint reference number from the company, agency or service provider whose services or products they are not happy or satisfied with. In the event that the service provider does not satisfactorily solve the problem, he / she can then proceed to file a complaint to the Consumer Affairs Office (CAO) of the Uganda Communications Commission in Kampala.

What particulars of the complainant should be furnished along with the complaint?

The particulars in the complaint should include Name, Physical address, Phone number, Email address and Complaint reference number (Note: All service providers must provide you with a reference number whenever you make a complaint to them), as well as a brief description of the problem they are facing and its duration. A brief explanation of the circumstances that led to the complaint; name of service provider, and telephone number should also be availed.

Who do I contact at UCC with a complaint or enquiry?

You may contact UCC’s Consumer Affairs Section, based at:

3rd Floor, Communications House,
Colville Street, Kampala
Or, call Toll Free Line: 0800 222 777
(Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm),
Or reach us on our official Social Media sites
Twitter: @UCC_Official
Facebook: /ugandacommunicationscommission

How can a subscriber/consumer lodge a complaint?

A complaint to UCC can be in writing, by phone, email, Fax or by personal visit. The written complaint must not exceed two A4 pages; it must be readable, clear and should contain the complainant’s contacts. The Consumer Affairs team are more than happy to help you document your complaint.

What happens when UCC Consumer Affairs Office receives a complaint?

The complaint is analyzed and investigated immediately. Consumer Affairs Office (CAO) reaches out to the service provider complained against. If the CAO is satisfied that the service provider breached terms of its contract with the consumer, or acted contrary to its license and or UCC regulations, the Commission shall take appropriate action without delay which in most instances will get the service provider to improve the situation.

Will the UCC Consumer Affairs Office get back to the consumer who lodged a complaint?

Yes. In cases where investigations are concluded in less than 48 hours, the complainant will be reached by phone or fax and or e-mail within 48 hours were applicable. Otherwise they will be communicated to in writing on the outcome of the review within 14 days.

Do I have to pay for the services of the UCC consumer affairs Office?

No! The services of the CAO are rendered FREE OF CHARGE. ‘So, take advantage of us, so that we can help you.

Can an aggrieved consumer sue the service provider in a court of law over a breach of contract?

Yes, But UCC advises that this should be a last resort, dialogue and peaceful negotiations are preferred and should be fully explored before resorting to protracted and costly litigation. UCC through its complaints handling framework provides acceptable arbitration, which facilitates amicable resolution of differences and disputes between service providers and consumers.

What issues can consumers complaint about?

These include the following amongst others: unlawful airtime deductions, arbitrary disconnection, and nonchalant attitude towards genuine complaints, poor services delivery, untruthful and deceptive advertisements, Supply of sub-standard equipment, bare-face exploitation and invasion of privacy, violation or non-delivery of mail, delayed restoration of service, unreliable service. Etc.

However, consumer also have obligations and responsibilities

Do consumers have any responsibilities/obligations?

Yes! Whereas consumers have got rights, they too have obligations to fulfil. Obligations/responsibilities such as prompt payment of phone bills and ensuring that utilisation of communications services is not in a manner hazardous to the environment and protecting communications infrastructure. Put in another way, not to vandalise communications infrastructure.

Is UCC a Government agency?

Yes! UCC is a government agency with independent status to effectively regulate the activities of operators, suppliers and consumers in the communications industry.


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